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May 28, 2011 by Gonzalo

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! Over the last 5 years, the NBRC website has undergone extensive changes to help the membership better use our services. We spent many hours developing the automated features of the website and have now moved into the next level of development.

We present here the newest incarnation of the NBRC site, with more inclusion for any member who wants to help out.

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    We need help maintaining this site. Let us know if you can spend some time sifting through and moderating content on this site. Please leave us a comment or contact me directly at

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    when is it Live?

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      We are looking to make it live on the first week of July. There are still some components from the old site that have not been migrated to this site. As soon as those are in place, we are live.

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    when is the anticipated completion date of the website?

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      This website is very fluid and has been in flux since it’s design. To say that it will be complete at any point is just not possible. Instead, the items that do need completion, for example, the user directory, are being worked on currently. The site will always change, as this is the reason people come to it.

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    What can I do to help out any thing to take the NBRC to the next level !!!

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    I was going over some things on 06-20-12 and it brought me to
    the site. But not before I came across one of the greats’ in the
    Sport, Mr. Terry Duncan. Terry and I, June by the way, were
    talking birds, birds, birds. And yes, you can say I really wanna
    come back to the sport, however I have nothing except
    determination and a lot of amid ideas to contribute;
    not mention, I feel I know something scientists from around the
    world have yet to discover: “Why do pigeons roll.”
    How should I go about this? Thank you. June.

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