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Aug 30, 2011 by Gonzalo

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! Another year of great competition begins now. We are already well underway of the regional flies for the National Championship Fly. Please check this site for regular and timely updates direct from the NCF Director, Kevin Monroe.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling or dues, please contact Kevin Monroe at

You can track the progress of the fly here. You may also want to take a look at the schedule to see when your region competes for the finals.

As always, having fun and enjoying great camaraderie are a large part of participating in this national event. If you are new to the hobby, please check out the Store for books on what this sport is all about.

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    Hector Coya

    Well i flew yesterday,It was a good day,My birds flew at a good height,and they did decent,It was my lucky day,I say Lucky because i think a big part of Comp, is luck. Oh well Im in 5th place for the moment and 2nd in California,I think,,LOL Well lets see how it holds,,

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    spin doctor

    wat was your overall score?

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    I flew Yesterday 10/30/11 at 8:45am windy conditions 15 to 25 mph mostly 25 but clear normal West Texas (Amarillo) weather. Judge Nick Siders–Girls started out GREAT 66568/565/0/0 first 10 min. then went flat Quality 1.4 Depth 1.2– Looking forward to meeting Joe Emberton on 11/18/11 for Finals I have 1 of His hen –and two of her young are in My #1 team going to rest them until Friday then start to get them ready again GOD BLESS!!!

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