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Sep 9, 2011 by Gonzalo

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! The true measure of the success of a gathering place, such as a website, is the diverse activity and creative content that it contains and in exchange regenerates. That is, even the most arcane and simple user interface can be a gathering spot for millions, if the content within it keeps getting infused with new ideas and poses new questions. If that is lacking, the most pristine and intuitive interface will fail.

I have heard numerous people grumble about how the NBRC website has been lackluster over the years. Well, content and ideas do not spawn themselves. And even the most adventurous writer will eventually bore his readers, so it’s not keen to lay the burden on a few people.

This is the time and spot to be creative, to give your ideas on the sport, and to comment on those of others. We have created a social website just for you to be able to be heard. Instead of grumbling about how the previous site was stale, you now have the opportunity to change it. Write about your passion, your birds. It doesn’t take rocket science and we are all ears waiting for your words and thoughts.

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    Really Like the New Website Thanks alot Jim.

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    Gonzalo – Thanks for stepping up – I hope those changes bring more positive attitudes – especially for the new guys whom see the negativity – It’s not a good way to get new guys involved – So Thank You ~ Peace ~ Mike

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    The site is looking really well. When will the site be completed? How can I get in touch with the President of NBRC or a board member? The site does not have that information listed yet.

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      We are working to transition everything but it does take some time as we only have a part time, if that, staff. This is a major endeavor. We will have listings up shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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        If you put out what youneed or need help with some of us are willing to help. If you need names addresses, websites or members directory typed and emailed to you in a digital format let me know and I can be of assistance. I am in Los Angeles. 562 212-6890.

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    Thanks for the offer. I’m looking for people to take on long term duties. It takes more time for me to set up a particular task for a person out of the blue than to assign them a long term job. So I’m really looking for folks who will be here for the long haul.

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    I am willing to help. I just turned 50, and will be retiring within the year. I am willing to write articles, stories and share my 42 years of experience with rollers. As I get closer to retiring, I can start making the transition in helping out full time. If this is not what you are looking for Ok.

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      Awesome! We will definitely need article writers and folks who can get things stirred up a bit. Thanks for your initiative. I will contact you later with some more details.

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        Jamie Hawk

        How about this? Central New Mexico Roller Club(part of New Mexico Roller Club) will be having a friendly fly and potluck/cookout on Saturday, February 25, 2012. We are looking for others in the area to participate or just attend to watch us fly our birds. The plan is to have a panel judging between three, possibly four, lofts…or more if you are near us!
        Hey, all you roller pigeon lovers in NM give us a call and join the fun of a small,local club competing with one another just for the joy of the breed and friendship! Jamie Hawk @ 505-831-8778, Clay Williams or Larry Boggan for more information.

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    Days End Loft

    Wish more people wouild use this site…Its Great !!!! I love reading and learning more about my Pigeons…

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    Sam Vulgamore

    I have been in this hobbie for over 50years and held about every office for rollers and racing homers, I have found that most people like to sit on the sidelines and point fingers. When the hard workers fall away so does the club. I never changes, sorry to say.

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    Has anyone heard whenand where the 2012 NBRC Convention will be held?

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    I haven’t been on the site for a few years it is looking nice in here. Glad to see the positive changes.

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