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Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! At the 2015 NBRC convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the NBRC was fortunate to have Norm Brozovich of Apollo, Pennsylvania, step up to take on the daunting task of NBRC Webmaster. Ownership and hosting of the NBRC website has been turned over to the NBRC this year from the former webmaster and designer of the site, Gonzalo Banuelos. Gonzalo still hold the postition of the Website Manager and is still responsible for adding new features to the site and for any maintenance related to programming. NBRC Webmaster Duties and Responsibilities

The NBRC Webmaster is basically responsible for ensuring that the NBRC website, NBRC Facebook Page, and NBRC Facebook Group are easy to navigate and that they address the needs of the NBRC and its members. Although he sometimes assumes the role of a web designer, the main job of the Webmaster is to monitor, improve, and update the performance of the existing website and Facebook Page. In order to be effective, the NBRC Webmaster must, of course, have a basic knowledge of the NBRC as an organization and of the Birmingham Roller as a performance breed of pigeon.

The Webmaster must perform a variety of technical tasks in order to debug issues that arise with the performance of the site and to make sure that the NBRC website and Facebook page work properly and can be accessed quickly by as many people as possible. These tasks include making sure the server and browsers can properly handle e-mail, transmit news,  download files, provide auction functions,  order NBRC Accessories, and handle membership dues payments. These duties require the Webmaster to keep up with changing technical standards that affect the workings of the website.

It is the job of the Webmaster to maintain the site so that it remains a valuable resource for the NBRC and its members. Though not a voting member of the Executive Committee, the Webmaster will have monitoring privileges on the Executive Committee group email site. He must monitor the activity of the NBRC Executive Committee as changes are made to NBRC Policies and Fly Rules and update this information on the website. He must also check the links on the website regularly to make sure that they are still working and that the information they provide is still current. The website itself must be checked for bugs or other problems on a routine or as-needed basis. The Webmaster serves as a liaison to communicate with the NBRC Website Manager, Gonzalo, on any issues that arise in the function of the NBRC website from any number of sources within the NBRC.

The NBRC Webmaster may communicate with many different people within the organization, its officers as well as its members, since he or she is often the only one with the technical expertise to answer questions about or troubleshoot problems with the website. Welcome aboard, Norm!

Cliff Ball
NBRC President

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