Acquiring Pigeons

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! There are many ways to start your journey with this sport. There are over two thousand breeders in the United States alone who would be happy to facilitate you with pigeons of your own. Prices start from $0 to about $300 for the more renowned families of pigeons.

Starting from Youngsters

If you want to start with a new bunch of birds and fly them before you breed them, we suggest you acquire a kit from a local breeder. These birds on average are far less expensive than older, breeding quality pigeons. Typically you can buy a set of youngsters from the same breeder which are all related. This gives you the advantage of really testing out a family of birds before you decide to breed from them.

Starting from Breeders

Starting in Rollers from older, established breeding pairs is also another good method with which to begin. Typically birds in this category will be more expensive. Go to a reputable breeder, who is well known in the sport. Find people from the Master Flyer program who may assist you. We warn you though, if this is your first foray into Roller pigeons, acquiring stock for breeding will take you longer before you can actually see birds flying over your house.

Annual Auction

You can check back from time to time on this website for auctions. These are typically full of quality birds, from reputable breeders and offer a way for you to acquire stock while simultaneously helping out the NBRC.