Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! At the NBRC, we encourage an atmosphere of friendly competition among our members. To this end, we have our annual NBRC National Championship Fly where all of our regions compete among themselves to deliver the top fliers into the final which faces them off against the best fliers from all of the other regions.

Over the course of about two months, our selected judge travels throughout the Unites States to judge the finalists. Judging can be a stressful period for the competitors, but it is always rewarded by the kind encouragement or praise from a well rounded and experienced judge.

The competition generally starts in early July. This is when all of the regionals start to have their individual competitions to select their top fliers. This will overlap with the start of the finals, which usually end just after Thanksgiving. Make sure you find out about your region’s schedule to make sure you prepare a top notch kit of rollers.

Latest Fly Results

Finals Schedule