National Championship Fly Policy

Policies, Procedures, and Rules of the National Birmingham Roller Club

Policy Title: NBRC National Championship Fly
Policy Number: NBRC 001
Effective Date: April 11, 2007
Last Revision Date: December 6, 2007


The NBRC shall sponsor an annual flying competition to be held in the fall of the year.
This competition shall be called the NBRC National Championship Fly. The fly will be open to all
NBRC members in good standing who reside in the Continental U.S.A. and on approval of the National
Fly Director for those States outside the Continental U.S.A. The fly will feature both a 20-bird
and 11-bird format to be held concurrently. After a Regional competition there will be a fly off
to determine the winners in each contest.

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prior to the fly and published on a continuous basis on the NBRC website. Any changes to the
fly rules proposed by the Executive Committee must be approved by a majority vote of the
previous NBRC National Championship Fly participants.

001.02 Any rules or procedures for managing the NBRC National Championship Fly which are
not directly related to the flying and judging of the kits being flown, will be classified as part
of the NBRC National Championship Fly Policy. Additions and changes to the NBRC National Championship
Fly Policy shall take effect upon approval by majority vote of the NBRC Executive Committee. The NBRC
National Championship Fly Policy shall be published annually prior to the NBRC National Championship
Fly in the NBRC Bulletin and shall be published on a continuous basis on the NBRC website.

001.03 All NBRC National or Regional sponsored flys must be judged by the most experienced Judge available.

001.04 A flyer may enter a maximum of two kits. Any two kits flown in the same competition,
either the 11-bird or the 20-bird competition, must be composed of completely different birds. Flying
any of the same birds in two kits that are flown in the same 11-bird or 20-bird venue will result in the
flyer being disqualified. However, the same birds may be flown in two different kits that are entered and
flown, one in each of the 11-bird and 20-bird competitions without disqualification. In his discretion,
the judge may confirm the composition of the kits by any means he deems appropriate under the circumstances.
Judges are cautioned to avoid handling the pigeons entered in competition prior to their being liberated.

001.05 The National Fly Director shall, on behalf of the NBRC and within ninety (90) days of
the completion of the competition, award a suitable plaque or trophy to the following:

  • The National Championship Fly winners in each of the 20-bird kit and 11-bird kit competitions.
  • The Regional Qualifier(s) in each of the 20-bird kit and 11-bird kit competitions.
  • The National Championship Fly Finals Judge.
  • Various and sundry achievements by flyers that are deserving of a special recognition award, as determined by the National Fly Director and approved by the NBRC President.

001.06 Each flyer shall receive one fly pin for every kit entered.

001.07 Flyers who cross over regional boundaries to fly in another adjacent region, must first
notify, in writing, the Regional Directors of both regions in order to prevent the possibility of
duplication. In so doing, members who choose to fly in another region, other than the region in which
they reside, may only vote for Regional Director in their home region.

001.08 The NBRC President and the NBRC National Fly Director will each contact the winners of
the NBRC National Championship Fly Finals, in both the 11-bird kit and the 20-bird kit competitions, by
telephone in order to notify and congratulate them within 48 hours of the completion.

001.09 The Finals Judge for the NBRC National Championship shall compose a written fly report
of the Finals Competitions, to be submitted to the National Fly Director within 30 days of the close
of the competitions, for publication in the NBRC Bulletin and Websites.

001.10 The National Fly Director, within 30 days of the end of the competition, will conduct
an interview of the winners of each of the 11-bird kit and 20-bird kit competitions to be submitted to
the NBRC Publishing Editor and the NBRC Webmaster for publication in the NBRC Bulletin and posting on
the NBRC website. It is suggested that the interview should provide such information as the number of
years of experience of the flyer, the family of birds flown, the sex and age of the birds that comprise
the winning kits, feeding regimens, etc. as the winners are willing and able to provide.

001.11 The NBRC shall, through its National Fly Director, invite the National Championship Fly
winners for the 11-bird kit and the 20-bird kit competitions and the Finals Judge to the next NBRC Convention
for the purpose of acknowledging their accomplishment in the presence of their colleagues in the sport.
If this invitation is accepted, the NBRC will pay the expenses incurred for transportation to and from
the Convention site and lodging at the designated hotel. These expenses are limited to, (3) nights at
the Convention-specific hotel and Airfare to and from the Convention and the nearest Regional airport
servicing their residence. If the recipient chooses not to attend the convention, the housing and
travel expenses will not be paid to the recipient. If the recipient chooses to attend the convention,
but travel or utilize housing of his/her own choosing, the NBRC will provide financial payment equivalent
to the proposed airfare and or housing to the recipient. The NBRC shall not be responsible for any other
cost associated with this invitation.

001.12 The Regional Director is responsible for reporting the scores for the Regional competitions
to the National Fly Director within one week of the close of the competition. The report should include the following:

  • The judge’s name
  • The names of the flyers
  • The total score, depth and quality multipliers
  • The name(s) of the qualifier(s).

The judge is responsible for notifying each Regional Director of the scores for the Regional competitions within
72 hours of the completion. The Finals judge should report scores directly to the National Fly Director on a
daily basis and provide a final report at the end of the competition. The National Fly Director is responsible
for submitting all reports to the NBRC webmaster, the NBRC Publishing Editor, and to the person responsible
for recording Master flyer points within 48 hours after completion of the competition.

001.13 No judge shall judge his own kit in any NBRC National Championship Fly competition. In the
event that a judge is judging his own region, he may enter a kit in the specific 20-bird or 11-bird
competition format(s) he is judging. However, rather than judging his own kit, the judge’s kit will be
awarded a DNF, meaning ‘Did Not Fly’. Alternately, a panel of two or more judges may be appointed solely
to judge the kit of the appointed judge, or a panel of three or more judges may be appointed to judge a region,
with each of the panel judges excusing himself from judging his own kit. Questions concerning judging proposals
may be presented to the Fly Director who will consult with the NBRC Executive Committee for interpretation or
approval where needed.

This document is shown in its approved and most current state, and stands as official club policy in effect.