NBRC Hall Of Fame Program

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Policy number: NBRC 004
Effective Date: October 23, 2009
Last Revision Date: October 23, 2009

the Hall of Fame shall be subm 004.01 Nominations for the Hall of Fame shall be submitted in writing to the Vice-President of the NBRC. Any member of the NBRC in good standing can make a nomination for the HOF, nominees may be living or deceased. Nomination forms will be included in the last two (2) bulletins of the year with a cut-off date of December 31 for receiving nominations. Any nominations received after that date will be forwarded to the next year’s process. Ballots will contain nominations collected from the previous year ending December 31, as well as the nominees carried over from the previous election that collected at least 50% of the vote in favor of election. The ballots will be sent out to the living HOF members for vote after January 1.

004.02 All ballots from the election process shall be copied and sent to the NBRC Secretary for recording and to the NBRC President for verification and accountability.

004.03 The NBRC President and Vice President can not be nominated for election while still in office.

004.04 The names of the nominees, not elected into the HOF, that received at least 50% of the vote in favor of election, will be carried over into the next election. The letters and documents received for these nominees will be kept or forwarded to the current person administrating the HOF process.

004.05 The election process will be conducted as follows: Each living member of the HOF will be allowed to vote for (3) three nominees they deem worthy of the HOF. Should a member of the HOF find fewer than (3) worthy nominees, they may choose to cast less than (3) three votes or abstain altogether from the voting process. To be elected to the HOF, a nominee must receive votes in favor of election from at least 66% of those living HOF members returning ballots. Any member of the HOF abstaining from the process for any reason will not be figured into the equation. In other words, if there are 17 living members and only 15 return ballots then 15 is the working number. In the event that no nominee is elected to the HOF on the first ballot, a second ballot shall be prepared with the names of the nominees getting votes from at least 50% of the voting HOF members. Should a second ballot be necessary each living member may cast (1) vote for a worthy nominee or abstain from voting.

004.06 A maximum of three (3) persons shall be elected to the HOF per year. The (3) three nominees receiving at least 66% and the highest number of votes in favor of election shall be inducted to the HOF. The maximum number may be exceeded in the event of a two-way tie, occurring only for the third of the (3) three available HOF positions. Questions concerning any other tied vote counts will be brought by the Vice President before the Executive Committee for resolution.