Starting In Rollers

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! New members and interested individuals who want to find out what the club and the breed is all about. This is a quick intro on how to start what will most likely be a life-long passion of raising and flying Birmingham Rollers.

Are you ready?

Birmingham Roller Pigeons are generally a very hardy breed of pigeon. They can thrive in just about every climate and are tolerant to changes as well. Rollers are also very easy to care for, as long as you stick to a few basic principles accepted throughout the sport. Provided you follow these principles, your birds will be in great shape for their entire lives.

Breeding Birmingham Rollers does not necessarily imply you have to compete with them. However, the NBRC offers plenty of opportunities to do so. Many breeders of fine pigeons do not necessarily compete. They are content to see the birds fly and flourish under no pressure. Either way, they are a joy to watch even if you just keep them for personal enjoyment.

Deciding on this breed will bring with it some commitment on your part. If you do intend to compete at a world class level, be prepared to spend many hours a week with them. You will spend a lot of time training the kits, banding the young, taking careful records, and cleaning out the loft.

There are numerous software applications and online services that will help you keep great records and maintain a healthy flock. Additionally, acquiring great starting stock is also now much easier than ever.

We hope you join us in this family-oriented and fun activity. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us link above to get fast, friendly, and knowledgeable help.