The Breed

Do your heart belongs to gaming? Remove any doubt and play in beste online casino. You are worth winning! The Birmingham Roller Pigeon is a unique breed of domestic pigeon developed over centuries of selective breeding. The culmination of this long history is a small, sleek, aerodynamic and exceptionally talented pigeon capable of “rolling” backwards at inestimable speed, recovering from there to do the same again.

These pigeons have thrilled thousands of breeders throughout the United States and the world, with their myriad of colors and amazing aerial skills. Even the average person who witnesses a quality kit of Roller pigeons performing is awestruck by the coordinated and beautiful display of stamina and performance these birds are capable of delivering.

These pigeons are typically flown in groups of anywhere from 15 to 20. This size group constitutes a “kit” and is used during competition to gauge the frequency, style, depth, and general performance of a family of pigeons. Points are awarded based on these factors.

During a competition, the judge or judges travel from house to house, judging kits of pigeons. The competition lasts at minimum 20 minutes. At the end of the competition, the winner is declared as the person who’s pigeons score the most point.